Ludowici Spanish Tile

Properly coated roofs can withstand the test of time and remain functional for a lifetime. Conversely, roofs that lack regular…

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Flat Roofs

Roofs can endure for a lifetime when adequately maintained with quality coatings, whereas overlooking maintenance may lead to replacement.

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Proper waterproofing in roofs is critical since they are among the most vulnerable areas of a building concerning water damage.

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Chimney Repair & Restoration

Adverse natural elements such as storms, freeze and thaw cycles, and heat exposure significantly contribute to the degradation of chimneys,…

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Skylight Replacement & Repair

As a certified installer of Velux skylights, we have accumulated 34 years of extensive experience in the skylight industry.

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Emergency Roof Repair

At High Ridge Roof Repair, we understand the serious consequences of untreated roof leaks or other related roof failures, which…

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